Monday, May 6, 2013

My Review for Turning off Dish and Turning on Hulu and Netflix!

Hi all!

Turning off the Dish:
In my continuing (on-going) efforts to lower our bills (which has been so hard lately since so much has already been lowered or turned off)...about a month and a half ago...I had our Dish Network turned off.  Actually, the folks at Dish were so nice and worked with me well.  They actually "paused" our service...costing us nothing to do so.  This means...we pay nothing per month for 6 months unless we call to have it "un paused."  No we do not have service; however, the upside is when finances or better or we change our minds...we just give a call and our TV is back on in 5 minutes (no set up fee, etc...keep the equipment, and when we turn back on...get the same price and programming we were paying before).  If we decide we need to keep it paused...we just call before the 6 months is up and add another 6 penalty or charges.  For all of this...I say Thank you to Dish Network!

Turning on Hulu Plus and Netflix:
So, what to do with TV entertainment in the home and do we feel "cheated?"  Well, we hooked up Netflix and Hulu Plus to the Wii on our main TV.  Netflix has a great and wide variety of children's programming.  We are not movie people so I am sure at some point that will come in handy for us eventually.  Hulu Plus has been terrific for my husband and I as we can still watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (a day later but a lot of times we watched on delay on our DVR for falling asleep anyways).  Also we feel we get the same benefit from a DVR with our favorite shows as we just wait a day later to watch all our shows so we can stop, fast forward, and rewind.  I actually LIKE the fact that Hulu Plus has gives you the sense that you are watching live TV.  For our secondary TV, we purchased a Roku box which I highly recommend as the picture quality is Far greater than that with the Wii.  We are happy with anything but I do have to say that.  We did also need to purchase normal antennas for regular TV watching on both TVs.  We do have two other TVs in the kids rooms, but we aren't in a hurry for antennas for their rooms.  They never really used their TVs much anyways which is great.

We have been doing this for about a month and half now (going on two months about) and I have no regrets and do not feel cheated in my TV watching which was to be a concern but no longer is.  My household is happy, self included.

Happy Monday all!