Thursday, July 19, 2007

My latest "Deal!"

I just had to boast about my latest deal I got lucky enough to run across! My husband and I love to check the "mis-cuts" section of a popular Home Improvement store each time we go. Well one time, instead of mis-cut blinds, I found two Waverly Curtain Panels (HEAVY Fabric); which is excellent to block sun and keep your home cool in the summer! We are trying to cover all of our windows with beautiful sun-blocking drapes/curtains/blinds, etc... (Hey, it is GREEN and it is COST-effective on your bill!) Anywho, so found exactly two panels of the perfect color of curtains for our dining room. Guess what? No price! I took it to the lady and said, "this was on the mis-cuts table, do you know how much they are?" She found some number on them and punched it in, and they were $35 EACH panel. I said is that the sale price? She said "no, how about $15?" I said for "one or both?" She said "we'll say both" and taped them together for me! When things get returned like that and aren't packaged well anymore, they don't mind cutting deals! I was like man! A $70 window for $15!!! Brand New Brand Named Curtains! Can't beat that! And, of course, you guessed it! They look great in my dining room! My husband was excited about that find as well!

Sorry to go on and on. Just a lesson in, doesn't hurt to ask and be nice when doing so!!!!

Til Next Time!

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