Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 Days til Departure: Phoebe is on Vacation!

The Departure Countdown Continues! 2 Days!

Last night we drove to my Mom's house (well I drove because my husband has to work today and tomorrow and I volunteered) which is two hours away. So two hours there and turn around two hours back. We had to take our pet Toy Poodle, Phoebe to her house for her "vacation!" (Thank you to commenter Karen of "Write From Karen" for helping me see it this way as it is so quiet around here without her.)

I will call today to see how she is adjusting. As of last night, she was fine and whined a little bit. She thinks we are coming right back I would bet. She had a suitcase full of "Phoebe Stuff." We packed her canned food, snacks, pillow, clothes (like socks) of all three of us, a blanket, toys, shot records, rabies tags, her vet's phone number, heartworm meds and flea meds. Oh yeah, and her leash and some familiar mats with her bowls to sit on them, and some spending money. She would not have made it on our flights because her bag might have weighed too much. Hee hee!

I know Phoebe loves my Mom and being at her house because we go about once a month there and it is a must (by my Mom) that she come with us. It is her furry grandchild. Commenter Angie of "The Furry Tripod" knows about this as well with her Mom calling her cat "Grandkitty!" I thought that was very cute!

It feels good to know she is somewhere she is familiar.

Well, tomorrow is the last (I think) Blog Post from the U.S. for a while. Stay tuned!

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