Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is my son having fun in his tent!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Many Wordlesses coming soon from Romania while I am on Vacation there!
Check my weather and time widgets to see how it is there!

Countdown til Departure:
3 Days!

I am also sad because tonight we take our pet Toy Poodle to my Mom's house (two hours away) and it is going to be so quiet around here for two full days without her here. It is the best day we could take her and the closest possible to the trip. She will enjoy her stay I am sure at my Mom's. My Mom thinks of Phoebe (toy poodle) like another grandchild. :-)

We are going to really miss her on the trip. Isn't she cute...she is such a member of the family. You know "Animals are People too!"


Anonymous said...

My girls always loved playing in tents, too! Have a great vacation!!

Melanie said...

Thank you Deanna!

Write From Karen said...

HAHA! His expression is so funny.

And don't think about dropping your poodle off but rather, she's going on vacation, too. *grin*

Write From Karen

Anonymous said...

Yes they are people too!! Cute picture of your little boy!

Quarantine Hobby said...

Hehe, cute photos, both of them! I love the smooshed nose!

Happy WW :)

Anonymous said...

Great shots. Looks like your son was having fun.
I know what you mean about your dog being like another grandchild. My mother always used to call my cat her grandkitty.:)
Have a safe and enjoyable trip!