Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday in Romania: Day Four!

I am only counting Full Days for the rest of this trip to Romania. As in the title; this is Day Four. Keeping in mind we left on Saturday, Arriving on Sunday Evening. So Monday was our first FULL day!

Now, here is my update: Yesterday I had my hair done at a nice salon. I had highlights all over, cut and style. My hair was $108.00. They spent 3 hours on my hair and did many foil highlights all over my hair. Very nice people too. Now, this price, I realize is very close to that of NC, but all in all, I believe it is still cheaper than home. Also, his (husband's) sister insisted to pay for my hair. Don't worry, we are going to "get her back!"

My husband had his hair done on Monday and his was $5.00 at a different salon but more simple of course. We are going to have my son's hair done today and expect to pay the same.

Last night we went to a local resort and it looked like the beaches back home. Decently priced but not far off from our prices.

We are going SHOPPING today! I am excited! We will be looking for souvenirs, as well as, items we want to bring back for ourselves. For example, I like some towels I have seen people have and the Ketchup! :-) Simple, I know, but we don't have it at home to buy.

Okay, I could type here forever about everything we have done and seen. We have also visited tons of people that my husband knows or grew up with, family etc... All very nice people. My son loves EVERYONE and vice versa, they LOVE LOVE LOVE him because they have never met him.

Here is the Pictures for Today of our Vacation:

This is my son with a friend of ours!

This is at a playground at an outdoor beach restaurant resort...tables and chairs are on the sand! Very beautiful place to eat with much to do while you wait, etc..

Here is myself, husband and son outside a restaurant at the resort where all the tables have SWINGING SEATS on Both sides! Very cool...I am sorry I didn't take a picture of the tables and swings! We will go back again before we leave so I can get that picture.

Til next time! Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Miss you guys! Traina looks cute.