Monday, August 11, 2008

How do you get your MP3/iPod Music?

The older I get, the older I feel with technology; however, I try to keep up...but at a somewhat slow pace.

I recently, since returning from Romania a few weeks back, upgraded my cell phone. It has an MP3 player on it. I would like to ask advice on how to save money when adding songs and also, where do you find the best "deal!" I remember sometime back there being lawsuits, etc...about downloads....I really don't want to get into anything that could result in that, simply over listening to a song or two.

What I did, as a recommendation of a friend of mine is: bought a napster Music Download Card for $14.85 and I get 15 songs with no subscription fees and I am done after I get my 15 songs. Now, I would like recommendations, but I am not someone that wants a subscription because I really won't ever download that much music (nor do I know that many songs) nor will I listen to it constantly. So, I don't really want or need a subscription...I would rather pay as I go and only buy when I can. I like to stay on budget and not add monthly bills unless it is necessary or I have planned for it. I realize all the above was unnecessary but I like to every now and again mention how we budget, etc... :-)

Alrighty, I am sure that was a nice and confusing post. Still getting back into the swing of things. Looking forward to any advice from you music listeners out there.

Psst...I have to admit, it is kinda fun surfing for songs! I was thinking....hmm...maybe I want an iPod so I can have this jukebox by Crosley at Target that takes iPods to play music for my kitchen! Now, I could get into buying more songs for that now! I love decorating my kitchen!
But, alas, I am "Thrifty!"

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Lacy said...

I use itunes cause there is no subscription and you can make a cd, or download the music to your ipod. It's 99cents for most songs but they are yours to keep.