Wednesday, April 9, 2008

7 Random Things About Me! I was Tagged!

LJ from Mommy Gets Paid has tagged me. I get to share 7 random/weird things about myself with you and then tag 7 more people to do the same.

Here is the 7:
1. I love to watch Beauty and the Geek, Kitchen Nightmares and The Office!!!
2. My husband is from Romania....we got married IN Romania! :-) We are visiting this summer!
3. My favorite art form is Drawing with Pencil; however, time doesn't seem to allow me time to ever exercise this form.
4. No surprise...I love Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, Discounts, and Shopping on the Net.
5. I love decorating my house and take pride in it. I am looking forward to having hardwood flooring installed in our kitchen.
6. I hate Cooking, but I LOVE to eat!!! Terrible isn't it?
7. I teach Elementary Art (am licensed to teach K-12 Art). My favorite projects with the kids involve Altered Art and Recycling. These projects are the ones the kids are most likely to keep and showcase to others. Example: Domino Necklaces, Recycled Plastic Bag Purses, and Altered Puzzle Pieces into a wearable pin. Weaving and Pottery are also recent favorites.

So, there you have it….now I get to tag 7 people to share their 7 random things:
(I will fill this in later)

Ok, there we go…now let’s see what these guys come up with for their 7 random things!
(coming soon)


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love Beauty and the Geek and The Office too. Looking forward to the Season Premier tonight!
Unfortunately, I have not watched any B&G this season because it comes on the same time as American Idol. I just can't give up on that one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along! :) like thrift stores and yardsales? gee that is surprising! LOL

Take Care