Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thrifty Thursday Tip: Want to look good for your trip?

Thrifty Thursday Tip:

I thought I would share what I have done and am going to do as far as getting ready for our trip this summer. I had planned to get my hair and nails done this summer before we go on our trip to Romania. And then it hit me all of the sudden....I decided to have my husband to ask his sister (whom is in Romania) pricing on hair cuts, foil highlights, manicure, and facial there. First I had him to ask about getting my hair cut and foil highlights. She responded all for $40 (around where I live $150)! I said..forget having it done here before I go, his family will just have to look at me like I am now for a day or two. :-) Then I said, hmm....ask her about manicures: $4.00 (about $30 here) then facials (I hadn't even planned on this one): $16.00 (about $30-$50 here)! Case Closed: I will "beautify" myself in my husband's hometown this summer and just hold off on everything until I get there.

I wasn't sure if their prices would still be cheaper as they have been in the Euro for a couple years now and prices have started to increase. Great for them, not for us "budget" travelers. :-) Still, I am excited about those prices for hair and nails AND facial.

Anywho...this is the tip: Before you "get beautiful" for your vacations this summer....give a call to the area or do some research online for pricing of such may have more fun and save a few dollars having this done on your trip. Pretty cool souvenir if you asked me. :-)


Anonymous said...

hhhmm..i wish were also going to Romania for summer..hehehhe

thats what another thing i miss in the phils..getting a nice parlor/salon treatment in a very very affordable price..

as for me..well ill purchase a hair color stuffs over the grocery & have it done by myself at home.. :)

Bethany said...

Those are great prices! What a good idea.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder, why things have to be sooooo expensive here in the U.S. Thanks for the tip!