Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: My Son and Elmo watch DVDs!

Thrifty note on picture below of My son "watching dvds" with his Buddy "Elmo!"
This "My Size Elmo" cost me $1.00 at the school yard sale! WOW! He loves it! Great condition, has little feet holders so the child can "dance" with Elmo and the Elmo talks! Excellent deal for a dollar and my son has a "friend" his size! :-)

In the picture son and myself just were having our picture taken by "Daddy!" As you can see my son was not excited as he was in mid-chew with his bread. :-)

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Wirelessbliss said...

when do you think is the next school yard sale where you bought Elmo? I want to have one, too! =)

here's my WW --Footprints in the sand :)

Unknown said...

Him and Elmo watching DVDs together is priceless! My son LOVED Barney and he would run and get his Barney and they'd watch episode after episode.
He's 17 now! Time just flew by... enjoy it while you can!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

How adorable! I love your 'Comment Jar' too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marni! I need to get a little graphic of a jar and stick there next to the words "comment jar!" :-)