Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Best Weekend Deal: Children's Books for a Dollar $1.00

This past Saturday I went to my Mom and Sister's town. They have the best dollar store I have ever seen. They have more than the regular dollar store merchandise. They also have "close-outs" and everything is still just one dollar $1.00! Below is three books I bought there for one dollar each. All three are hardback with beautiful illustrations. Absolutely beautiful books at an astonishing price. Most of the time at the dollar stores, you can find children's books; however, I have never seen any quite this nice before. Very impressive. I went in to buy erasers and walked out with a bag full of stuff. :-) I got my son some sand toys, yarn, beads, a cool kid's cup with snow globe on it, the three books, and of course the three books. Just a lot of great stuff for a dollar each. I love that store! The store is MIGHTY DOLLAR!!! Check their website to see if you have one near you, or check out their franchise opportunities. I might...we don't have one around here. The one I go to, again, is at my Mom and Sister's.

I am also making this post my Tuesday Toot as well! Very proud of my purchases!


Anonymous said...

It is great when you can get a bargain. I justhave to be careful that I don't buy more than I need because it is good value for money.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so exciting to find these awesome "steals". Toot-Toot! Thanks for playing along with us this week.