Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mis-Cut Blinds!

Just a Mis-Cut Blinds Update!

My husband has learned well! Yesterday, while I was at my Mom's house, he calls me to say that Lowe's has a Mis-cut blind that may fit one of our windows, and what size was it we needed!!!??? I was like...alright (told my friend who was with me) look in my purse, get out the bright orange notebook (it is small bright orange with a soccer ball, EASY to find, hardback, will hold up and small!) and turn to the back page for me! I was able to look w/in 30 seconds to tell my husband the size while he was standing at the Mis-Cuts table! It was a WINNER! A $40 blind for $10 bucks!!! AWESOME! It is a big blind too...Levelor, metal privacy! Excellent! A Match! Only two more blinds to replace left in the house!

Great way to save money on your blinds and outfit your house's windows with style and quality for a low price!

One reason I believe these tables aren't raided, is because I think(think) people don't realize the blinds can be cut again (smaller of course) to your size! Just read the size it says it has been cut too, and then figure if yours can be cut a tad smaller or is it the size you need already!?

Anywho, had to share! I love a bargain, and so happy my husband looks on his own for such things! He told me he went yesterday, just to check the tables! Where we live, they put the tables out on Friday nights near closing and if you go on Saturday Morning, you will see them, he was there later and still got a winner!

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