Sunday, August 12, 2007

Added My Google Group

This morning, I have added my Google Group that I started well over a year ago. I had thought about shutting it down, as I no longer have the website that it was based on. Then I saw I have active members and plenty of posts in it, so I will leave it alone. I just changed the site to this one! No this is not technically a WAHM blog, although I have the MOST appreciation and respect for WAHMs I would love to be one myself! WAHM=Work At Home Mom!

It is a pretty open group, post your site, ad whatever! The only time it alerts me, if it suspects spam posting, mailing. Take advantage of it, it seems to be well used! At least I started something that kept going, whether I did or not! HMMM>>>HOW BOUT THAT!

Thanks for your stopping by today, please feel free to comment!


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