Monday, August 6, 2007

FYI: I have another Blog for your Reading Interest!

Hey out there!

If you are interested in non-thrifty and creative things, check out my other blog! I absolutely love this one also! I love all of my blogs! Blog, Blog, Blog!

As stated before, I like the word Blog, it used to be gross sounding, but now it is a nice "buzz" word for me!

Til next post!


Sadly, I just posted this and am now editing it because I forgot to LINK the new blog! Crazy me! Son's asleep right now, so I am excited to be blogging and passing the time while he sleeps. It is when I get to be me and not Mom! Don't get me wrong "Mom" is the best title in the world! :-)

Here it is:

Melanie R

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