Monday, August 20, 2007

Bill Plan: Monday Mommy Tip with Mommy Community

My Monday Mommy Tip this week is...

Again about balancing your finances! Afterall, this is the "Thrifty and Creative" blog!
Five Month Bill Plan
Anywho, this is a follow-up of my last week's Mommy Tip about getting a hard-back "cash" book to balance your checkbook and deductions.
What I also do is, have a grid of our bills typed up (I have a template made on my computer for easy updating for the next "bill plan"), the first column is what the bill is; the second column is the amount to be paid; the third-seventh columns are Five Months (April, May, June, July, August).
I make sure the grid or "bill plan" as I call it, is the same size as my cash book! I tape it on the cover and remove when the five month plan is up. It is easy to see what is still owed for that month. You can check off as you pay. If I have a "quarterly" bill, I just black out the blocks on the computer on the months that bill is NOT due! So easy to see what is left, and where you can get ahead. Have "extra" cash left...simply look at the month ahead and pay an easy bill! This really helps us not overspend in other areas by seeing what is still owed or the next month, etc...

I just love what I do with my Bill Plan!

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Special Note about My Posts: From now on my Monday Mommy Tip and Friday Favs for Mommy Community will be posted either Early Morning or Late Afternoon or Evening! Reason: I am a teacher, and I started back to work today. It is going to be a great year! My son was shy at daycare today; however, I hope and feel he will warm up soon. He wasn't sad or anything, just really shy. Naturally, I still hate it though, I wanted to be there to play with him if the other kids wouldn't. Breaks my heart to see him standing there not knowing what to do and the other kids are playing. Again, it was a good day still, as it was his first day ever at a real daycare. He has only ever been around me, family, and in-home daycares where there is no more than 3-4 kids! This is an adjustment for all of us (including the dog, as she is by herself during the day.) I called twice to the daycare today, and tomorrow, I am going to call even more times. I might even spend my lunch driving over there to look in the one way mirror to see if he is adjusting. I can't stand it, if he isn't. Okay, I didn't mean to vent, I had to. Guilt talking. I would love to stay home, but at this point in time, we can't afford me to. I am hoping in a few years, that maybe I can (that will be when, hopefully, we have a second child).

Okay, sorry about all the blogging!


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Anonymous said...

What a smart idea - this can be so easily adapted by anyone - I can see myself doing it. Thanks for sharing and for playing along with Mommy Community's Monday Mommy Tip.