Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip!

This Monday's Monday Mommy Tip is...

Check out your local home improvement store's "yard sale" tables on a regular basis! You will be so surprised what they sell so cheap, and nothing is wrong with it! I have bought $70 set of "Waverly" curtains for $15 and Blinds for $1-$10 Regular prices ranging from $27-$40! I got one for my mother yesterday for one dollar! Regular $27!!! That was awesome! Also, if you want to paint something outdoors and color specifics don't matter as much, check the returned paints! You can get a $20+ cans for $3-$5 a can! I bought some years ago for my art room to redo my tables in a different color! Worked just fine and looked awesome!

That is my tip for the day! Mommy Community is the host of this!

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