Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Child Modeling: Money for College?

Has anyone ever had their child when they were young do some child modeling for like catalogs or something similar? I, of course, believe my son is beautiful. He is so well behaved (and he is two years old even) and is such a happy little camper.

I would not ever force something like modeling on him. I am interested to see if he would like it and if he would qualify. I think it would be cool to do like one or two assignments in the summer months when I am home or around the holidays or something. It would be great to get his college tuition by age 5 with something like this! Oh yes! I am a dreamer! Big time! :-)

I am not actively looking or anything, but keeping my eyes and ears open and open for suggestions! If you know anything about this field, please comment!

Thank you!

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