Monday, August 6, 2007

B&B Works Sale!

I just posted the following in my other blog but felt it definitely goes with this blog and you should read as well!

B&B Works is having a SALE! Again!
I do love Bath and Body Works! Just thought I would FYI all those fans out there, that they have their hand soaps and luxury soaps on sale now! The Hand Soaps for 5 for $15 and Luxury for 2 for $12!!! I took advantage of their last HUGE sale (in my opinion) and that was on the WallFlowers! I love those things! I bought 8 starters for the house! You saved $7.50 each! My house smells soo good! I love the Brown Sugar and Fig scent! I also bought two hand soaps then, but not for the 5 for $15! Good stuff! Maybe I will take advantage of this sale as well!

Smells good!

Oh yeah, they have the new hot item: FitFlops for Pre-Order also! You can only get them on Ebay at this time for a HUGE price! If you want them, I recommend pre-ordering and being patient! If you have deeper pockets than me...then go for it, bid on them on Ebay!

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