Thursday, August 2, 2007

Saving Stuff!

Here is something funny I am going to try to do:

Save Bottle Caps! I am thinking, it is a way to NOT throw something in the garbage and not only that, once I get like a pound or so of them, I am going to sell them as a craft material! No won't make me a millionaire, but may make me $10 bucks! :-) Every dollar counts in my family! For me also, it is fun to see ways to save something from the trash and then turn around and make a dollar. I just thought I would share that funny thing I am doing right now! :-)

Of course, I save box tops and Soup Labels for my school as, if you are going to use these products anyway, give them to your school for them to cash in! If everyone does it, they make a lot of money! I know our school has made in the thousands every year off just the boxtops!

Don't have a school around you that collects them, let me know and you can send them to my school! Each boxtop equals 10 cents each! All those dimes add up!

Okay, enough of my cheap ways today! Blog back to you later!

I have to finish gathering yard sale items and stickering them today along with making my signs! I am doing well, ahead of the time table!

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