Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Shopping!

Now, I do NOT get out at 4am (not against it, just can't force myself and two year old out of bed), but I still like to go out when it is a bit quieter and "see what is left" that is still a sale!

Today I got a ton of great is just too sad I can't tell you about all of them because my friends and family might just read this!

I will tell you where I went however:

Michael's (Love this store, had a great $10 off of any $40 items included!): This was my best store today oddly enough!

Target (Got many items here as well! We even got to watch a thief flee on foot from a cop...not to worry no one was hurt and he was caught! He ran right passed us as we were walking in and through the parking lot!)

Dollar Tree (Got some great decorating items and a few this and that items for stockings.)

Best Buy (Didn't get what I was looking for...sold out!)

Japanese Restaurant (Tasty Meal, we all enjoyed)

Linens N' Things (No gifts here, but found these volcanic rocks or something that supposedly removes odors from the air...figured...give it a shot for $9! Gift for me!)

I think that was everywhere, well there might be another store or two that can't be mentioned due to folks reading this may figure out their gifts!

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SAHMmy Says said...

I go out around 10am on Black Friday--by then the crowds have thinned and the stores have been restocked! I've never missed out on a great deal yet.