Sunday, November 25, 2007

Make your own Pet food and other items! Cool site find: ThriftyFun!

I just stumbled upon this great "Thrifty" site!

Thrifty Fun

I found it when surfing Pet Food sites (don't ask why...sometimes I just surf! Don't we all? Isn't that how you found me?) :-)

Here is the link for the Make your own Pet food and Other items on Thrify Fun!

I just love accidentally finding great sites like this! I use them as well! I would love to make my pet toy poodle some treats! She would love it! Doesn't all pets secretly love being spoiled? :-) I always say (like my Mother does) "Pets are People too!"

P.S. Thrifty Fun has a place to Ask Questions! The site gives tips on many things people are wondering about, as well as, fun Thrifty Craft ideas! I was like wow! Where was that Turkey idea weeks ago? At least I know where to look for Christmas and other Holidays of the Season ideas for my classes and son!

One other cool thing I found on Thrifty Fun I wanted to point out is very cool "Photo Ideas!" When you just can't think of another creative picture...they have some things for you to try! Sooo neat and useful!

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