Friday, November 30, 2007

Haiku Friday!

"Days of the Week"
Friday is super
Saturday is much better
Monday whatever

Haiku Friday

P.S. Apologies to my readers! I have had a busy busy week this week and have been exhausted each day when I get home. The result of this is lack of Thrifty Tips...sooo sorry! I will work hard this weekend to get some Thriftiness going!


Mama Arika said...

I love this one! Great job and so true!

Toni said...

I LOVE Saturday, too, especially when my husband is off. Hope your schedule allows you more time to post soon...

Happy Haiku Friday!

Jennifer said...
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Anonymous said...

I quite agree. Mondays are ugh!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear that!! :D

Happy Friday!!

Mine's up, too!

Bren said...

Monday is SO whatever!

Heidi Hyde said...

My sentiments EXACTLY!


Kat said...

I completely agree. Blahhhh, Mondays.