Friday, November 16, 2007

Survive the Holidays with "Holiday Season Kick Off!"

Marie Ynami of Mommy Community and many other great well-known "mommy sites and businesses" has just launched a new site dedicated to the Holiday Season! The site is titled appropriately "Holiday Season Kick Off!"

You have to bookmark this site to visit during the Kick Off which is a huge two day event starting November 19th and will run through November 20th!

Get a ton of information to get you through the Holiday Season....Examples are:
Interviews about...
  • Saving money on your Holiday Grocery Shopping
  • Homemade Gifts for the Holidays
  • How to Boost your Direct Sales Business for the Holidays
  • How to save money shopping online for Holiday presents
  • How to capture your Holiday Memories using Photos and Videos
  • an Interview with ME (Melanie) about How to Have a Thrifty Holiday Season
  • and so much more! Bookmark today and come back in a few days when all the interviews are live according to the hourly schedule!

How exciting! Check it out! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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