Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unique Gift for My Mom: found on Ebay! You have to read!

It was several months ago, but I must blog about this because there may be someone out there that would love to do something very unique and heart-felt for their parents, grandparents or loved ones in general! Now, this can be thrifty, can be expensive, and it can be possible NOT to find! Just wanted to add those fair warnings before going further!

Years ago, I remember thinking, I sure do hope one day I stumble upon my Mom a yearbook. Reason: growing up she was one of ten children in her family. This translates into...not so many yearbooks IF any for each. My Mom in all her years, Elementary-High School only ever got ONE yearbook (her Senior book)! She treasures that book as it was her only one. Well, I had stumbled upon other people's yearbooks over the most recent years on Ebay and then began more actively searching for one of Mom's! I thought, hmmmm...Maybe? No luck...took several years (not so active then) and then one day at Mom's house on a normal visit..I was bragging about the fact that Ebay has just any and everything you can think of. And to prove it...I said...Look I will type in the name of your high school and see what comes up. This was also my High School so really many things could have popped up. Well a yearbook from the 50's popped up. I was like..."Mom, are you in that one?" She said I am not sure. So I emailed the seller (who lives where Mom does, not far) to ask him if she was in it. He said Yes! (I had told him her name to look for and grade according to what Mom remembered.) He wrote back and said he had some other books that she might be in as well as he bought all of them from one Estate! Sure enough...I ended up buying NINE (9) books with her in 8 of the 9. Her deceased sister was in the one she wasn't sure of..but how awesome is that, she found out her sister was on the Homecoming court. So that book will be equally treasured! He later found her SENIOR book for me and I bought that one too! Why? Because her only book was cut up, etc...over the years by younger siblings!

Isn't that great? Now, maybe that will inspire someone out there to take a search through Ebay for something Truly amazing and memorable for that REALLY Special someone! I know my Mom was without words, and if you knew my wouldn't think it possible! :-)


Mama Arika said...

What an awesome gift! :-)

SAHMmy Says said...

Wow! That's thinking outside the box! What a thoughtful and creative gift idea!