Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tax Tip: Donations....few days left!

Just a Tax Tip Reminder on Donations:

You have a few days left to get your donations in to your nearest donation center! Don't forget to be DETAILED on your slip for your tax deductions. Tell EACH item and condition. Some donation centers have a check box for you to check that says something like: I verify all items are in very good (good, etc...) condition! On your taxes (well according to ours last year); in order to get the deduction, it has to be in AT Least Good Condition: No Fair Conditions or lower! Just some friendly tax reminders!

I love doing our own taxes, I like to use Turbo Tax! Everyone should use what he/she is most comfortable and confident with! Save money and do your own! Not hard if you read and follow directions with great taxing programs online and bought software in stores!

Happy Tax Season!

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