Sunday, December 2, 2007

Storm Door: Great addition for heating and cooling savings!

This is my newest suggestion on saving money on your electric bill (however, can not speak from personal experience but from a neighbors!)

This is something I really want and wanted before talking to the neighbors; however, didn't realize the great effect it can have on heating and cooling!

*Get Storm Door for your doors. (We do not have one on the front of the house and you can feel a tiny draft in the bottom corner)...our back door has one already but not the front when we bought this house a little over a year ago. Our friends/neighbors down the street didn't have one either but just bought a storm door recently (nice thick pretty glass one on the front) and said that their house felt like it was getting 80 degrees due to having the storm door...simply heat escaping and no tiny little drafts coming through a crack around the door anywhere!

Summer time..these doors also insulate (keep them closed off with your other door as you don't want a "green house" effect in the summer..yikes). On the flip side in the winter: you could during peak sun hours (brightest and hottest) leave the other door open using only your all thick glassed storm door allowing the "green house" effect to take place and then shut off when the sun is no longer shining through.

The storm door is in addition to all the other items you can do to winterize your home. There are many other suggestions (that we personally do or know someone that does) throughout this blog! Take time to surf here!

Have a Happy Holidays!

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