Monday, December 3, 2007

Thrifty Celebrations!

I have two "Thrifty Celebrations" to share with you all!

#1) I am excited to share that my new sitter for my son (he started today) went very very well! I am so excited he is staying with this new sitter. She is awesome! My son took right to her and the other two kids and when I picked him up, he wasn't yet ready to go! That is a fantastic sign! He loved the Child Care Center too; however, was always ready to go when I got there! This is a "Thrifty Celebration" because as I mentioned in an earlier post, it is pay by the day, not the week and it is less expensive even if I had to pay for the entire week. It is a huge blessing!
You can read my original post here about this: Thrifty Hooray

#2) Not as big as the first; however, still a celebration "Thrifty Style!" I received my first "FREE SAMPLE" from I also had blogged earlier about the coupons you can find on under "In Stores Now!"
Read this post again at: Thrifty Tip Thursday: Free Samples!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!


Mississippi Songbird said...

Thanks for the link and Happy Holidays.. Enjoyed your blog...

Lacy said...

I will have to check out that Wal-Mart tip. Nothing beats free.