Monday, December 31, 2007

Get your new year started off right with Method products!

Method Cleaning Products can be found at Target Stores! I love Target and we LOVE Method products! We gave them as Christmas Gifts, along with a reusable grocery bag and clothespins for fun and eco-friendliness (sp? word?)! :-)

I just finished looking over Method's website and it is not only great eco-friendly ("green") products and Inexpensive to boot, but also great products AND fun to read about the products? Don't believe me? I guess you have to go read about some products for yourself! :-)

I want to get their mops for wood floors and regular floors! They have kits for $30 with the mop, cleaners, etc... in it. I want it!

Method Home

P.S. I didn't know Method even had a site until I visited Building Green TV's blog, which I have now added to my blog roll for easy access for myself and my readers! Enjoy! Have a GREEN '08!


Anonymous said...

Even more reason to shop at Target instead of wallyworld.

Anonymous said...

I know I simply love Target and so glad they sell the Method Products! Happy New Year!