Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve! Are you ready?

Happy New Year's EVE! LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!

Don't forget if you want to get tax benefits from nearly anything: Donations (monetary or items), Additional House Payment, Payment on Medical Bills, etc.... You need to have it in today before Midnight for Most. You should check with each company to see if you will benefit in '07 or '08. Either is worthwhile of course; however, would be nice to get in on it in '07!

For my New Year, I like to start off with cleaned up paper work. I have cleaned out my handbag, cash book (where I balance everything and seemingly stuff everything), and my calendar with all important dates and bills, etc... I have also put away some receipts that I had (shame on me) left lying around. I know, not smart. But you know, by the end of the year and right after are like WOW>>>WHAT NOW? LOL

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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