Friday, December 28, 2007

Excited about an Energy Saving Purchase!

Yesterday I used a gift card I received for Christmas to purchase a $37.00 oscillating heater from Walmart! I love it! It uses only 900watts/hr to run and easy to tote into whatever room we are in! Electric, no oil, etc... You can use up to 1.5kw / hr and use the high mode which so far hasn't been necessary. The use of this allows us to keep the house temperature lower on the heating. We can only be in one room at a time anyhow.

Now after this exciting purchase, I am really wanting one of those nice looking "vent free electric" fireplaces for our bonus room. It would be so nice looking and definitely be a help in that room. Our bonus is above the garage, and if anyone has the same set know what I am talking about, it just seems impossible to heat that room with the regular heating system. So this is a great solution, at least it seems like it.

If anyone has had the above problem with their bonus room/bedroom, etc...above a share what you have done to heat it or cut down on turning up the thermostat to be in that room during the winter. Currently we just shut the door and don't use the room all that much in the winter or especially cold days. There are 5 vents in that room even. I just gave up on it, til I found out about electric (non-oil) heaters.

Happy Almost New Year Everyone!


Edi said...

we've talked before about having one of those ventless fireplaces in our basement (which is also our office and master bedroom and tv area). We use our basement a whole lot but it's hard to keep it warm.

Right now I have a little heater under my desk :)

I'm just not sure how big of an area the fireplace could heat...would we lose a lot of the heat??? And of course everything is set up "just right" now - so don't even know where we could fit it.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! Space! Always an issue when adding something rather large.

I have read reviews on the Electric Fireplaces, and everyone seems to say they really work and give off a decent amoount of heat. I know that little electric heater we bought, I blogged about here...really is more helpful than I thought it would be! The true test will be when the temperature drops to the 30s and 40s again. Ironically when we bought it (few days ago); it has been rather warm! LOL It is suppose to get cold again next week!

Let me know if you find out anyhing on your basement and how to heat it, etc...

Thank you for the comment!
Happy New Year!