Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday! Coupon sites!

I wanted to find some interesting Coupon sites to direct you all to that I found to be interesting. I found two I had not seen before. One is a "mom" type of site that has an area in the top left devoted to tons and tons of coupons (of all kinds, stores, online, and not!):
This one is called Moms View

And then I found another for strictly online shopping but the entire site is loaded with coupons for nearly any store or item you can imagine! This site is called Only Coupons!

2/21/08: I would like to add another coupon site that is quite impressive from one of our visitors here to Thrifty and Creative:
Rather Be Shopping

Check them out...let me know if you know of another coupon site that I should let others know about!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog you have here and some good coupon tips! Moms View is an excellent coupon resuorce. I'd also like to throw my coupon site in the mix, it is and I update it daily with free online coupons to over 500 popular stores. Thanks for the consideration!