Friday, December 21, 2007

Creative ways to give Gift Cards and CASH!

Can you believe it!? Friday? Not to mention ONLY 4 days til Christmas! Whoa!

I hope this post greets all my fellow "thrifties" with completed shopping lists! If not, I always like to get gift cards and allow my receivers to enjoy buying their own gift with the AFTER Christmas SALES! You are helping others to maximize your gift with a gift card for the after Holiday sales! Just think of it that way!

Couple ideas for giving CASH in a "less-boring" way:

Here is a couple of ways I have seen cash given, in a way it was exciting!

1) Whatever the amount, go to the bank and get it in ones!!! One year, my sister's secret santa in the family gave her $50 in ONES, and put in a large box with crumpled up shreds of newspaper! On the box, the label said: "CAREFUL SMALL PARTS!" All the family watched to see what the gift was in all that paper! LOL Then, we all got it, as she pulled out one crumpled dollar bill after another!

2) My mother, one year, gave my father-in-law money and again in ONES and filled up a little Christmas tree with the ones as "ornaments!" Had to stare at it to figure out it was money on the tree! She gave a "Money Tree!" Sometimes money does come on trees, still not growing on them! LOL

For gift cards and gift certificates:

One year I bought my Mom an Aigner Credit Card Holder, and filled it up with $20 gift cards for many things, from grocery store to the movies, to a manicure! Loads of fun in a wallet!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!

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