Monday, June 18, 2007

Shopping for Groceries!

My favorite place to shop for Groceries and SAVE money is:


I believe the site is to see if you have one near you!

It is such a cool store and concept! You save money because it is very minimalist. You take back your own cart by putting in a Quarter to use one and you get your Quarter back when YOU return it. If you don't, then someone else will and will get your quarter! Also, you can bring your own grocery bags OR simply purchase one there, OR pick up a box that is empty and use that. These are all ways of recycling and less waste. Also, there aren't fancy shelves, items are in Boxes! I can get a whole grocery cart FULL of groceries for around $40!!! And that will last the whole week for three and some items two weeks! Some weeks we only spend $30-$35!!! Keep in mind we have to buy DIAPERS also weekly! I love this store and almost have "fun" shopping for groceries because of it, instead of dreading it!!!!

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