Saturday, June 23, 2007

How we save on Long Distance Calling, even out of Country Calls!!!

We have tried many different ways to save money when we want to call our families. My husband's family is in Romania! My family is two hours away! So, if we called long distance the "old fashioned" way, we would have no money!!!! Here is how we save, at one time for the International calls, we used a special international company and truly saved a ton of money versus our phone company. NOW we pay ZERO, for even the International Calls! Many already know about this, but in case you don't:

For International (FREE or Cheap): Use Skype! Skype is an internet phone. Basically it is a site that lets you call people and you can hear them and even SEE them if you have and camera and they do!!! It is FREE when the other person downloads skype also. You DO need to have a High Speed connection. Chances are, if you are here reading on Blogger, you have all this and you know how to use a computer! You may be thinking; hmmm, but maybe other countries aren't as advanced. In some cases that may be true; however, I think you will be surprised that even some poorer countries are more advanced, electronically than US!!! Romania is a poor country; however, lately, more and more, the regular person there has High Speed! Funny enough, a few of our family members there had it BEFORE US!!!!
Special note on Skype: If the other person you are calling doesn't have Skype, you will have to add money to your account. Luckily everyone we know has it!!!! Before my husband's family got it, we did use Skype even then. They have LOW LOW Long Distance Internation Rates!!!! So you still save, even if they don't have it!

For calling my family, just two hours away (however can be expensive with a regular land line phone) is FREE as well: Simply, I only use my Cell Phone that has a wide range of service!!! And it costs me nothing to call mom and my sis. I can call their house phone and cells and it cost NOTHING! So we no longer have long distance bills, and this is how we do it! Hope someone benefits from it!

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