Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Now, as far as savings and being thrifty about pets, I am not the expert; however, I can say tips from others!

I have a pet toy poodle. I know a friend of mine has recommended petshed.com and petmeds.com ! If for some reason, anyone believes this is not a good idea, please speak up and let me know and I will in turn update this post to your information!

But anyways, I hear these sites are great for your heartworm pills etc... Anyone who has a pet knows these once a month things can get pricey!

As far as pet food, Grooming, pet care, etc...I believe in the best and spending on my toy poodle! She is another baby!

If I can think of any pet saving tips, I will post them. This is an area, I could use help!

If you don't HAVE a pet already but are looking for a new family member, might I suggest adopting from your local animal rescue or animal shelter! Save a Life, and yes you do save money as they get the shots, etc...a little cheaper or already done in some cases. You only pay for the shots or something like that! I know my friend got her animal that way. My husband bought my toy poodle from a breeder! Nothing wrong with that either! Animal lovers: Foster a pet until it gets a home!

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