Thursday, February 18, 2010

With only weeks away...only a few things left to purchase!

We are only 3 1/2 weeks from baby's debut in March! I am getting excited about the end of the pregnancy and the beginning with a new little girl! We all are!

Thanks to us saving a lot of our items from our son, there was little to purchase for this one which is great and a money saver.
What we still need to purchase, really isn't necessarily a need but here it goes:
  • Dish pan (to hand wash all baby is what we did with our son...we didn't like using the dishwasher for anything baby)
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • More diapers and wipes
  • Gift for our son (from baby...good suggestion from a book)
  • Gift for our pet Phoebe (toy poodle...what we did with our son for her and it really helped a lot...she as never jealous!)
  • Nasal Aspirator (hoping to get one from the hospital so we won't purchase this)

The most important above are the gifts for transition and hand sanitizers. Everything else could be gotten after the baby is born. Or, that is how we see it! :-)

Nice to be set!

I still feel like (at times) there are items I forgot to put on the master list. We'll see!

Have a great upcoming weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

CLEANOZ is absolutely one of the best purchases we have ever made for our son. He has transformed from a screaming crying mess to actually being happy and excited to have his nose cleaned. We used to use the bulb and he would throw a huge fit but now he actually smiles and holds his head back for us to insert the sucker tip. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Melanie said...

Thank you Corinne! Sounds cool, I'll look into that product!