Monday, February 22, 2010

3 weeks exactly until baby is due to arrive!

I can't believe it! Seriously exactly 3 weeks from today (or less) we will have our new little baby girl!

The name so far we seem to be set on is:
(drum roll please...............................................)
Anabelle Presley (first middle)

Our second in line:
Teodora Presley (first middle)

I am kinda liking the second better but my husband is set on the first selection. I named our I believe it is time to let him have this one as it is a pretty name still yet! :-)
I tend to like "cool" names rather than "pretty." :-)

We bought our hand sanitizers, dish pan, and nasal aspirator. (I want to look into the suggestion a commentor, Corinne, mentioned that she swears by: Cleanoz)

Really, typical things you have to buy non-stop is all we still need to get like: Diapers and Wipes....we have enough to get started but that will always be a need until she is potty trained. :-)

Have a great week!

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