Saturday, March 6, 2010

9 Days until the baby will be here!

Yes! Only 9 days left...or 8 if you don't count today! :-)

I wanted to make sure I posted in the event the baby should come earlier.

My sitter surprised me with a Baby Shower last week and gave me two huge boxes of Diapers, and I also got from others Clothes and many other useful many to list!
Very thoughtful and sweet and all the kids made me cards so I have already put them into the Baby Book! :-)

It is all getting exciting! It is hard to believe the time is almost here to welcome this new addition.

Still have some last minute cleaning and planning that still needs to be done, but for the most part we are all ready.

People have been giving me great coupons for diapers, etc...and I am holding onto them tight.
We have the tax money ready to pay the dreaded hospital bill...but glad to be able to pay it (hopefully) when the time comes.

I have money set aside for Newborn pictures in the hospital! I love pictures...they are my weakness.

Til next time,
Have a terrific beautiful weekend!

I hope to be bringing you updates on the way we save as a family of four (or five if you are a pet lover as we are)! :-)

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