Monday, March 29, 2010

Fan Boxes from Facebook on the Left Bar...

Just wanted to let you know that on the left bar here you will find two fan boxes for our two fan pages:

The first is for my stuff: Macrame, Crochet and More by MelanieR

The second is for my husband's drawings: Custom Pencil Drawings by Claudiu

If you are on Facebook and love becoming a fan of pages...there is two for you on the side bar that I have listed above. Have fun and follow us on Facebook! This is a neat free way to promote what you do if you are a business of any kind. Jump on board...there is a link on each of the boxes that will take you to your facebook to create them (I believe so).

Best wishes!

All is going well with the new baby at home. As you see, I haven't had a ton of time to update this blog...but give me a week or so to get settled back into the swing of things. Last week was the First entire week at home with the baby and 4 1/2 year old son.

I am starting to feel normal again. Yippie!

So glad I did our taxes early this way they would be getting done right now if that had been the case!

We are currently saving by taking advantage of coupons that we get. We use them right away in order to not let them sit around and expire. Before long, folks stop sending you the good better to stock up!

Got any FREE baby stuff sites for me to visit? Would love to check them out and share here!

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