Saturday, September 20, 2008

A couple of good Thrifty and GREEN sites to take in...

I thought I would share a couple of sites that I think are pretty cool with keeping "Green" and "Savings" in mind:

The first is from Nickalodeon...good for these guys for teaching kids early about being "green" and not wasting. On this link you will have to turn on your computer sound. They give a "Green Tip of the Day" and it is audio. They tell it in a way that is educational...some facts...adults may not even know. Good stuff: Nick: Big Green Help

The second is for all of us adults and yes I have blogged this one before...but I just love this site and can just read it for hours and hours (if I had hours and hours)... WalletPop You will find an interesting topic on nearly anything financial you are looking for. You will find topics on finances that never crossed your mind and make you take notice. So give this site a glance or two or favorite it for yourself and others: WalletPop (I have this linked to their "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" page...they have other topics on Bargains, Taxes, and so so so much more!)

Have a Beautiful Weekend! I intend to get out and grab a Christmas gift or two and soak in the Fall-like weather! I LOVE it! It is totally a Front Porch Swing kinda day! :-)

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