Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ArtsCow Free 400 + 800 Prints throughout the Year Now!

It is Unbelievable! ArtsCow is offering old and new members an additional 800 prints (half 4X6's and half 5X7's) to last through the year. It is their Anniversary and they are sharing it with their current and new members with the additional 800 prints. New sign-ups will still get the 400 AND the 800!!!! You get to redeem 50 4X6's and 50 5X7's each month! Not a bad deal, I must say! I have redeemed a free book from these guys and 100 pictures already. Great quality...can't complain about free! (You do pay shipping but seriously..excellent deal...stock up and make a scrapbook for someone for Christmas!) If you are a current member, then log in to your account and read the first page, it will give you the code for the free 800 prints and how to add them to your account. It is EASY. New folks...when you sign up, I am certain the site will explain. You have an "Overview" page that explains any current deals and what to do to redeem. Just read it and follow directions and it is easy!

Go get those prints now everyone! Go! :-) Have a great day! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Pictures? I do!

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