Monday, September 8, 2008

Spending Our Rebates Wisely!

This past Saturday we received our two $50 Visa Rebate Cards. We received them from AllTel for our two cell phones we recently upgraded when we returned from Romania. We decided to get rid of our other embarrassing phones to something nicer and were able to get a $50 rebate on each phone. Awesome!

I am not such a fan of Rebate CARDS necessarily but I thought up exactly what I would do with them to make sure I get Every CENT of both cards. I am going to use both of them to pay on a Credit Card bill we have. I know, I am so against Credit Cards, and it is true. If I forgot to mention though, this credit card is with Lowe's Home Improvement and is 12 months no interest/no payment/ long as it is paid off by the 12th month. That is exactly what we have budgeted to do, so no worries. :-) Also, having the addition of $100 in rebate cards to apply to this card is very cool, as I will not skip my own montly scheduled payment to this card, this will just be additional to help pay it off faster. Very exciting.

Have a wonderful Monday and Week to come!

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