Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100 Days Til Christmas today!!!! Wow!

How exciting? Christmas is 100 days away! I plan to "plan" out these days and try to get a gift each week, so by Christmas...I can just enjoy the decorations, music, family, well Everything but the shopping! Well actually, let me Clarify...I will still enjoy the "shopping" but it won't be the stressful kind...it will be the "add-on" gift and "stocking stuffer" kind of shopping that is enjoyable.

I am just so excited about Christmas this year. My son is 3 years old and can say so much and really enjoy everything and talk about it. Last year he enjoyed everything but I had to stay right with him for fear of pulling down the tree and things like that. He ended up not doing any of the things I stressed over but at least this year...I am really not concerned and I feel he will really really enjoy himself and know more of what is going on.

I also love Christmas time, as I finally make use of our Dining Room and turn it into the "Christmas Room!" This is where we collapse the table (It folds down narrow and looks like a console when done) and push against the wall and cover with a nice table cloth. We set the tree up in the middle and scatter the dining chairs about and in each one put a stocking or stuffed Christmas animal, etc... On the table I get to display all my Christmas knick knacks and it looks good that way. I really have fun decorating that room and it feels like Christmas is the only time it is used. We like to go in there and sit with the tree and decor. My son loved it also. He would just stare at the tree. So cute. We also had (last year) scented pine cones from Lowe's Foods. Awww..smells so Christmasy (sp?). :-) If that is a word, then you know what I am talking about. Last year was the first time we set the dining room up that way as we just finished our second year in this house. We love it.

Sorry to reminisce on everyone...but I am excited! I will hope to post Christmas shopping ideas and deals, etc... through the season.

Happy 100 Days Til Christmas!

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Call Me I, Not We - For Now said...

I enjoyed your post. I did a post on Christmas just recently too. I like to, always have and have to plan ahead. I just bought my son his "big" Christmas gift - a refurbished Apple iPod.

You should have a wonderful Christmas with you little one. Enjoy it - believe me they grow up so fast. I have a 10 & 15 year old. The 10 year old will be going to Middle School next year so this is our last Santa Christmas. It is so sad. I feel so old.

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