Friday, October 12, 2007

Water Saver Aerators! Save a little on your Water Bill!

Here is an environmental friendly tip along with the fact you can save a little bit on your water bill. I love ideas like this, and we do this one! (Actually, nearly everything I post about we do to save money, I'll tell you if we don't!)

Water Saver Spigots are just little sprayers you attach to your sink faucet.

Here is a link to some ebay auctions that has pictures and descriptions of these nifty little gadgets!

They have excellent water pressure and can swivel all around the inside of your sink to clean it. This is even greater for folks that live in older homes that do not have a sprayer! Even if you DO have a sprayer (and we do) it is a great tool and I can totally see how it saves water. A lot of times you simply, run the faucet and maybe splash water about where you need it to go even if you have a sprayer because it might be something quick you are doing and who wants to drag out the sprayer. Well, with an Aerator, you just pull it down and it sprays like a sprayer and swivels. When not spraying, the sink works normal with normal water flow. My husband installed one for my mother (only need a wrench and a little pressure to install). She LOVES it because her 1940s home will not accept a sprayer (plumbing issues with old pipes and pricing of course etc...). She hadn't had any form of sprayer for MANY MANY years and now is delighted with this simple Aerator!

Just thought I would share this little tip that can be so helpful. The Aerators will attach to bathroom sinks as well; however, they aren't very attractive looking but for a kitchen sink, they are just fine and look fine even!

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