Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Favorites with Mommy Community: Holidays!

This week's favorites question is: What is your favorite Holiday?

My favorite Holiday, I know this will be repeated several times but of course: Christmas for me! I love the music, decorations, all the celebrations across families and church and even the workplace gets involved! It isn't just a day, it runs for several months, plenty of time to stress, and then enjoy!
Reminder: "Jesus is the Reason for the Season!" Such a peaceful time of year, well, at least for my family!

I like all the Holidays, but that is my favorite! I always hope for Snow, however, in NC, it is unlikely, especially lately with the warmth going all the way into the winter months! I still enjoy the cool crisp weather during the Christmas Holiday season!

Alrighty! What is Your Favorite Holiday?

P.S. Speaking of Holidays, I finally found at least a wig for my son's Halloween costume. An Elvis one! He is soo cute in it! I think I am going to make his jumpsuit! I just can't settle for the store ones! LOL I want some cool pictures for the Kitchen!

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