Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip with Mommy Community: Pride in your child's Masterpieces!

Hey all!

It's Monday again!

Time for Monday Mommy Tip; hosted by Mommy Community!

My Monday Mommy Tip is one I may have shared in a different way somewhere else on this blog; however, never hurts to repeat, it was some time ago!

I think it is wonderful to honor your child's artwork and self-esteem to get their best piece of Artwork and FRAME it and hang in a "seen" place in your house. Don't hide it in a "guest room" put it in the kitchen, living room, or somewhere others CAN see it! Your child's self-esteem will shoot through the roof with pride and worth towards their artistic abilities! All children ARE artists! They see life in such a different way that when we become adults, we miss the world around us the way a child sees it! Get a frame, MATTE the work! Make it important! If your child gave you the work and says, hey I made this for YOU! Feel pride and know that is like them giving you a million bucks or better, THEM! You can make, even a piece you think is not so great looking, look fantastic with a nice matte and frame! This is a famous work by a famous artist (your child)! Treat it as such! I am certainly not suggesting every piece they give you, include your child in the decision making, as to what they see as their best piece and why. When guests come over, go the extra mile and have your child "explain" the piece and be "Art Smart!" Talk about the lines, colors, emotions in the piece. Have fun with your new found gallery curator!

Alrighty, obviously this is something I love and believe in...I will stop because I can blog all night about it! Not to worry, I have kept every piece of art my child has created at Daycare, Home, and Church! He is only two! No, again, you don't have to do that, just take pride in one piece! You child's self-esteem and pride will definitely be the end reward!

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