Friday, October 5, 2007

A Must Read for All Holiday Shoppers! Save Money on Black Friday!

I just have to remind you to check the Christmas Countdown Banner at the bottom of Thrifty and Creative think about...hmmm...that isn't a lot of time, is it? So go ahead, Scream real loud! YIKES! The closer the time approaches, the more likely it is you will need to save money, make money, and get some deals! I just had to blog about this site I feel lucky enough to stumble!

This is like every Holiday Shopper's DREAM site! It is a dream, because all deal shoppers know that on Black Friday(the day after Thanksgiving) is the day you get the best and most unbelievable deals! You can look up the ads in Advance of Black Friday, and believe it or not, there are a TON already listed! You won't believe the stores this site has the ads for! I am truly amazed and will be signing up for their email updates for when new ads are listed. You can go ahead and make a plan of attack for your Black Friday Shopping; OR, simply shop online with and not have to wake up at crazy 4-5am to be close to the front of all the lines! I have to admit, I love Black Friday, it is so much fun to get out and shop and be elbow to elbow with like shoppers! Everyone is wanting that deal, or special something!

I was dumb-founded with the fact they already have two of my fav stores listed: Check out Toys R Us's Deals and Best Buy's Specials! I mean, it is time to plan plan plan! Make your lists, check them twice, and break out the map! Be ready this year with!

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