Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Being Thrifty by Thrifting!

For us, I like to find children's books, and children's Large toys (like outdoor play pieces, table and chairs, etc...) at Thrift Stores! We are lucky to have one really huge awesome Thrift store near where we live! We donate there (receive a tax receipt) and all the money they make goes to Alzheimer's research! So it is a win win win! Also, some thrift stores have higher prices than others, these guys have low prices because it is largely voluntary based!

Here is my favorite Thrift Store, maybe someone convince them to expand to your area! They will even come and pick up large donations at your house (if you live in the area of course).

Guardian Angel Thrift

They have this link on there for "GoodSearch!" Apparently if you use this search engine to do your searching, somehow money goes to different charities. What is it going to hurt to search for a few things, if someone may get some help that they need? Give it a try, why not?

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