Friday, October 5, 2007

Collect $$$ from those who want to help! Check out Chipin! What is your event?

I saw a chipin widget on someone else's blog and thought, that is really I have an important event that I might need financial help on? The answer, of course. My husband is from Romania. He lived there until we got married a little over 6 years ago. He has not yet went back to see his Mom and Sister yet. It was always one delay after another, and now with a two year old and living frugally to get by, it always seems to get delayed again and again. So this is our "event!" We had planned to go anyway to Romania this coming Summer of '08, but if anyone wants to help out, the money wouldn't be for us, guaranteed any money we happen upon will go to his family. Romania, luckily is finally in the Euro; however, still sooo far behind in the world and still rough for those folks. You will be happy to know he has seen his Dad three times since living here in the U.S. His Dad is the only one who can ever get a visa to visit...his Mom and Sister probably won't ever until they are really really old. Long story, I am sure many understand all that stuff, if you know international folks at all. I am not complaining, just giving the background on why I would make such a "widget" for my blog! Thanks Chipin!

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