Friday, October 19, 2007

Very Excited to be a Blogger for Smorty!

Hello everyone!

A while back I found a "paid to blog" site, Smorty. I signed up knowing my blog was "too young" but I thought I would go ahead and get my information in their system and "wait it out!" They really did approve my blogs (I have two that I entered into their system) without me having to email anyone or having to re-enter my information. With a few blog for money sites I have used, I had to re-enter/submit my information in order to get approved. It is not a huge deal, but it was refreshing to check back in with Smorty and already have jobs waiting for me!

Smorty is very easy to use, you get paid to blog by simply writing your opinions of the opportunity (advertiser). There is general guidelines rather than detailed guidelines according to opportunity. This is nice so you do not have to look up the details every time you create a post. You know what is expected of you and it allows you to write a quality post.

I personally love using Smorty because they pay on a WEEKLY basis through PayPal! They give the advertisers five days to approve posts, which means, you get paid quicker!

Thank you Smorty for being a blogger-friendly paid to blog system!

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