Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I signed up for PayPerPost!

I am so excited to share with you that Thrifty and Creative is now an "Approved" blog with PayPerPost! In PayPerPost terms: I am their newest "Postie!"

PayPerPost is a site that hosts bloggers and advertisers, bringing the two together! The advertisers need some buzz about their site, product, blog, or business. The bloggers are looking for a little cash to keep the blogs rolling. Combined this equals a beautiful relationship! I love my blog, but of course, I would love to make a few dollars to keep it rolling and it gives me an excuse to blog to my husband, oops...need to blog a little bit, don't forget, I can make some extra cash! Who will argue with that? :-) I will be using the extra cash to help with our bills and outrageous daycare expenses!

Now that you know the "gist" of what this site is about, please allow me to rave about it for a moment, if you will. First of all, I signed up and put their "PayPerPost Direct" widget/button in my left tool bar before I was approved. You are allowed to do this, even while you are awaiting approval. At the time of my submission, I knew my blog wasn't "old" enough, but I signed up just so I could grab this widget/button for my blog as motivation to do a great job on my blog! By the way "old" enough is 90 days! (There are other rules as well, check PayPerPost to get the details!) "PayPerPost Direct" or "PPD" is simply a "direct" way for advertisers or anyone wanting a buzz to their site or blog, to go through PayPerPost and pay you directly to blog for them. It would be extremely flattering if someone chose "YOU" and wanted you specifically to blog for if you sign up and get one of these offers, by all means, don't turn it down!

I would like to tell you what I love MOST about PayPerPost. I love their "customer love" as they call it. The customer service or "help" section is truly first class and so very helpful. No matter what my crazy question or simplicity of my question, they were always very cordial and helpful. They kept me calm as I waited with extreme excitement. They kept me positive and hopeful when I would feel like, oh no, I am not going to get approved. Really, I am just an anxious person that just couldn't wait to get started. They never got tired of me, and I can't stress enough they were/are so helpful. I am certain I will need them again! I never felt that they were impatient one second with me.

I should add that I found/discovered PayPerPost on another blog, doing this very same entry post. The blog was ClickNewz.

I hope that you found this post informative about PayPerPost, if
for some reason you would like to know more about my personal experiences with PayPerPost, by all means, drop me a comment!

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Til next post!
Stay Thrifty and Start Earning with Your Blog with PayPerPost!


SAHMmy Says said...

Eagerly awaiting my 90 days here. I notice that most of the opportunities require a minimum Google Page Rank. My Page Rank is N/A! Any tips on how to get ranked?

Melanie said...

sahmmy says, simply keep doing what you are doing! I watch your blog as well, you are doing fine! Frequent blogging, frequent commenting on other blogs, and adding widgets of blog directories, being on technorati, digg, etc...I am still working on the google page rank as well; however, a lot of the advertisers on PayPerPost do not require a ranking! I currently have 21 "opportunities" to choose from! You are allowed 3 posts per day per the "rules!"

Thanks for the question, works well with this post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, I just applied for PPP after seeing the link on your sight so, thank you!